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– Cannabis infused products are growing in popularity – and why is this?  Because people have been using them to alleviate pain and other various conditions such as:  chronic pain,  anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, diabetes, PTSD, alcoholism, strokes, and cardiovascular diease, cancer… etc

Now what is (Cannabidiol) CBD OIL?  It is a non psychoactive component of Cannabis with a great deal of health benefits for you. That means in short –  it will not get you high – like marijuana. It is naturally occurring in the hemp plant and has some amazing real life testimonies from people about the effects of CBD Oil. Their finding it extremely effective for all kinds of pain: Back, Neck, Knee Elbow, Shoulder, Lower Back. If you suffer from chronic pain this is should be more  than taking pharmaceutical drug and without the negative side affects.

It is showing itself to be a neuroprotectant – in limiting following damage from stroke and and trauma and in treatment for Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease.

Now Please be aware that NOT all CBO Oils are made the same! – some are NOT of high quality and may have toxins in them – Do your Research and make sure you have found  a high quality CBD Oil from a reputable company, Do Not just randomly order off the internet, you will not get the same  results. ( We do NOT promise results but your chances will be much better with a higher quality more potent CBD Oil)


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We recommend  their products so please go to their website CLICK HERE:  Elixinol  started in 1991 as one of the pioneer companies to promote industrialized hemp – they are known for their high quality products.  Paul Benhaim co founder has become an industrial leader and created a global company and spent the last 20 yrs promoting the benefits of hemp.

Scientific research continues to validate CBD and other hemp based cannabinoids on human health. Consistent quality has been an issue with many companies but he has had continued success and his proven expertise in product development to deliver a world class product.


Elixinol’s New CBD Oil wins National Pleasant Fruit- Flavored Taste Yahoo Denver, CO 3-8- 2017 (Globe Newswire)

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